The convex security mirrors are suitable for outdoor and indoor use in shops to prevent theft. They can also be placed in locations where vehicles are risks of conflicts from blind corners and generally in places with limited visibility

The mirrors are made of special polyester that resists shock and keeps for a long time unchanged reflective surface. Available in two designs for indoor or outdoor use in a wide variety of sizes for each application depending on the distance and the field of vision needed to satisfy.

The support bases are suitable for mounting on walls (interior mirrors) or for mounting on posts (outdoor mirrors). In any case bases are adjustable in all directions to ensure each time the ideal positioning for full coverage of your area

Safety convex mirror is also known as traffic mirror, security mirror, inspection mirror, unbreakable convex mirror, fish eye mirror, diverging mirror, parabolic mirror, curved mirror, sorcerer’s eye, or bankers’ eye.

Specification SCM-45-o SCM-60-o SCM-80-o SCM-100-o
Application Outdoors Outdoors Outdoors Outdoors
Lens material Polycarbonate Polycarbonate Polycarbonate Polycarbonate
Rim Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mounting kit fixing to 1.5″ / 48mm diameter post 1.5″ / 48mm diameter post 2.5″ / 76mm diameter post 2.5″ / 76mm diameter post
Lens diameter 1.4′ / 45cm 2′ / 60cm 2.6′ / 80cm 3′ / 100cm
Weight 4.4lbs/2.0kg 6.6lbs/3.0kg 13.9lbs/6.3kg 8.5kg


  • Convex mirrors are made to see and to be seen for both indoor and outdoor purposes, depending on your needs.
  • Safety convex mirrors are used anywhere additional viewing is required providing a wider field of view than a normal plane mirror does.
  • As traffic mirror solves many traffic issues, it diminishes the potential of an accident.
  • Convex mirrors remove a blind spot adding visibility and increasing the reach of your sightin your business or residence.
  • As surveillance and monitoring system in shops, stores, mini markets, kiosks, booths helps improve safety and offer great theft prevention.
  • They are used in occupational health applications, providing a safe working environment
  • As safety device in warehouses and factories is used on obscure intersections, or on complex crossings with plenty of fork-life truck traffic.
  • These mirrors can provide vital insight into blind corners, receiving docks and extreme heights in a warehouse
  • They are ideal for use in elevators and tight spaces.
  • For security personnel, they they may be usable as inspection devices.
  • Convex mirrors can be used as a simple and handy security feature, allowing the people who use devices to see what is happening behind them. These devices can be computer monitors, automated teller machines (ATM), televisions, etc
  • Convex mirrors let motorists see around a corner, especially at parking, garages and internal lanes.
  • It is great for use at home or in retail/commercial applications to improve safety, prevent traffic accidents and aid in surveillance
  • Ideal for parking lots, garages, warehousing, public areas or rest areas where hazardous conditions may exist, swimming pools, recreational facilities or other areas where there is a shattered glass liability, loading docks, schools, hospitals, nursing facilities office buildings, prisons, jails and other areas of foot or vehicle traffic.


  • Long lasting, cost-efficient, maintenance-free products.
  • Lightweight, simple to install: not require skilled labor to install.
  • Polycarbonate lens stands to impacts, practically not breaks nad has excellent reflection properties.
  • The safety convex mirrors are available in a variety of models that can be used both indoors and outdoors, depending on your need and application.
  • The mirrors come attached to a heavy-duty swivel-mounting bracket for infinite adjustment.
  • Available in weatherproof models with heavy-duty rim for outdoor use.
  • They are bright, non-distorting with the correct amount of curvature (field of view) to provide optimum definition. You can look at in a glance and be confident of what you see.
  • Problems like condensate mirrors, unclear and un-sharp images are a thing of the past!
  • Convex mirrors provide a field of vision of up to 160 degrees with a wide-angle view.
  • Tough and strong, virtually shatterproof, great for both outdoor and indoor applications and ideal in situations where breakage and/or vandalism is possible.
  • They can be mounted on a wall, ceiling, posts, trees, plasterboard, etc.
  • They do not scratch as easily as acrylic ones
  • They have a unique safety film applied to the front of the lens for the prevention of scratching during installation.
  • All mirrors are shipped complete with mounting brackets and hardware.
  • Environment friendly – made from 100% recycled materials.
  • Tax Deductible in many countries and states.
  • They provide Insurance Benefits in many cases.